The Cycle of the Afflicted

Good Intentions

Fell asleep earlier… Dreamed about Regie… It was the day we found this thing on my wrist. We were wandering through a scrap yard one day looking for anything that we might be able to trade for food, when we came upon this crane with this massive metal disk hanging from a chain. The disk was suspended about a foot or so above us and it had this small, red, piece of bent metal stuck to it. Suspended below that were many different pieces of scrap metal in the shape of what seemed to be a little girl, and clutched in its cold arms was an old and beaten teddy. The rusted little girl seemed to be clinging to it for dear life, and a small drop of liquid dripped from where her eye would be, making it seem as if she were crying. She seemed very lonely; it almost brought tears to my eyes. We took a closer look at where the pieces of metal where connected and they just seemed to stick to each other with no sign of there being any sort of adhesive or welding. As I was about to leave I turned back around and wiped the bit of liquid from her eye. I was going to leave it all there, but Regie wanted to know how the pieces of metal managed to stay together without any means to do so. He disassembled the statue without any real hesitation and found that it was the little red scrap that stuck to the bottom of the disk that was holding it all together. After much effort, we managed to remove it. We decide to take it with us because we could probably get some food that would last us a while. Before we set out on our way, I reassembled the girl on the ground as best as I could and so she wouldn’t be so lonely, I made another construct, a boy, right beside her. I left them there with the teddy between the two of them. It might have been the way I placed the head, but I could have sworn I saw a smile on the face of the little girl. We left and set up camp soon after. Regie and I got all excited with the idea of not having to worry about food for a while. It was that same night when Regie was taken. I’ve kept the piece of red metal ever sense, to remind me of that day. If it wasn’t for me rebuilding the statue and searching for the pieces of the new one, we might have made it somewhere safer and Regie would still be with me.

this building

This building is playing with our minds because i could have sworn that that damn teddy bear that destiny calls tuffy is evil in some way, shape, or FORM. Then i wake up and not knowing i fell asleep everything is gone. these suits are also unorthodox, I’ve never seen anything like these before. i still wonder what all those chambers were. weird.

the good the bad, and dead person

one building after another. so far I don’t have anything that bad to say of this building thou. I saw a pretty girl and opened a door we were stuck in, the down side of this was things braking on me and a stupid piece of chain warped around me. then after im free and i rejoin the team theirs this dead child, no good can come from this place.

Like a Rat

Son of a bitch… I’m stuck in another fucking building… Is it so hard to let me just get to my next fight in order to find my brother? Who, or What evers in here is a dirty fucking cheater, drawing me in with the sound of Regie’s voice. I’ve been trying to ignor whats been going on in this place, but I don’t hink I’ll be able to much longer… we need to find a way out, fast!

paranormal activity

Now I’m not one to believe in this kind of stuff but, its really creeping me out. I mean creatures that only move when you blink, voices coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time, a door that disappears for us but not destiny, and she touches a door that none of us can open and it swings open. WTF. either one, there are spirits that i don’t believe in here, or we are all going insane. also i wonder whats wrong with maric he seems to have a one-track mind. TTFN, nickias

Moving On

Stretches Finally… Were out of that shithole and on our way to the arena. Its about damn time. I would have just left on my own, but my conscience gets in the way. They have been a big help in this place, well at least Shane, Nick, and Conner, I’m still not sure about these other people with us though. Bah, doesn’t matter, I’ll be able to see Regie again soon. That and I’ve found some things that are much more interesting then the claws I had. I’ve always wanted a pickax since I’ve seen them in the arenas, swings pickax in a playful fashion and this jacket, its still in great condition even with all its been through, to bad about Davin though… he was a very brave man.


okay after finding these new people, this huge thing that looked like 2 people smashed into one came by us the leader of the other group bolted as soon as he saw it. i followed him, shane was the last one to leave and he said he felt “drained” somehow. while we were running from that davin got smashed by a trap that i presume NoFace set up. we looted him, most of his stuff was destroyed so all we got was a good 9mm and a bag o’ stuff. shane also took his shoes. guy and slick got smashed by a sledgehammer and shane got a sledgehammer thrown into his face and we all got clawed by the same guys as last time. o great they are howling now what oh shit there’s 13 of th…

I Want Out!

This building ceases to amaze me, from the dogs to the bladed gauntlets to the HUGE scary monster guy. I want out, no i need out, me and maric won’t last much longer here this just keeps getting harder.

we seem to have met another group of people in here as well who are trapped in this building as far as i know, one of them turned a door to dust with a single shot! these people either are going to be great allies or horrible enemies, lets just hope we get rid of noface before they decide who they want to be…


very interesting, while maric and shane are playing with slimy giant rats, I’m getting thrown around by a giant one of the things that i took the scalpel glove from. we couldn’t do anything to him until he destroyed the floor( now the ceiling) and when we all dropped he impaled himself. also this dude named Davin made a very dramatic entrance by blowing the door away. with him i saw 1 guy and 2 girls. the guy was shorter than the other 2 so i thought i was no longer the shortest one. no i was wrong when i got closer he could lean on me. i guess there are not very many people out here that are 3 foot 6.

better, and better...

this was a great idea go into this mysterious compound, get smacked around a few times by pre-laid traps, the only real benefit of coming here was getting stuff out of the drawers and the med kit. The dogs we came across were a nuisance but nothing really to worry about, but not 30 feet away from that same room was a large Metallic door with these markings that Conner tells me say “TEST 26”, for one that is not something you just write on a door and two, why did I see those same markings on the white sheets all over the place accompanied by blacked out sections? this place just keeps getting better, and better! another thing happened that made me know beyond a reasonable doubt No-Face is here and he wants US dead; we walked into a stairwell and we hear and melody like the one when we first met No-Face, except this time it seemed much weaker, when we came to the entrance to the stairs were covered in a metal sheet and we could hear an odd pain filled growling, I don’t know nor do i ever want to find out what that growling came from but i’ll tell you one thing it sounds dangerous. The group went up the stairs and was attacked again by a bunch of blood covered psychopaths with paper thin, razor sharp blades on their gloves! they pinned us against what ever they could find tried desperately to claw at us, only to run away as fast as they could after we were able to strike back! Of the few that we managed to kill though me and Maric took some of the gloves, they were rather disgusting and bloody but they could protect me. i really hope we find a way out of this place soon other wise we maybe out of luck… as i said before " this day just keeps getting better, and better." -Shane Teiger


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