Long sword

weapon (melee)

black hilt with emerald on left end of hilt sapphire on right and ruby on the pommel small decorative golden snakes intertwine from the top of the hilt to about 1/4 of the blade
If not bliss, ignorance can at least be fun.
(Carter Burwell


In a large broken down building in mde hl territory conner found a unscavrenged room with many different trinkets. none to useful in the modern world but they’re were two things which caught his eye a glowing sword mounted on the wall and small soft idols of many different colors. the idols must of been revered as gods before the war as he had seen pictures everywhere for these gods of old. As he thought about the gods one of them stood up and said to him “be not afraid child of straif it has been a great many years since we had any influence in this world. take the gift my people take the sword and with it strick down the the ignorance of the world. bring back the influence of my people.” with those words the idol sat back down and blended into the others of its kind as if nothing happened.


Nick: hurry up conner ive been waiting out here for 20 minutes.
Conner: Nick come in here there is something you have to see!
Nick:what is it? Not another one of your fairy tales I hope.
Conner:no seriously this god just talked to me.
Nick: god conner you made me come over here for some damn prewar toy?! now help me find something usefull that we may actually sell.

as Nickias spoke conner could have sworn he saw the idols eyes were full of rage for the simpletons ignorance.
as they were leaving conner took an idol and wispered
“do not worry we shall prove that it is just theyre ignorance and not us……….”


The Cycle of the Afflicted BukkitMouse