The Cycle of the Afflicted

Good Intentions

Fell asleep earlier… Dreamed about Regie… It was the day we found this thing on my wrist. We were wandering through a scrap yard one day looking for anything that we might be able to trade for food, when we came upon this crane with this massive metal disk hanging from a chain. The disk was suspended about a foot or so above us and it had this small, red, piece of bent metal stuck to it. Suspended below that were many different pieces of scrap metal in the shape of what seemed to be a little girl, and clutched in its cold arms was an old and beaten teddy. The rusted little girl seemed to be clinging to it for dear life, and a small drop of liquid dripped from where her eye would be, making it seem as if she were crying. She seemed very lonely; it almost brought tears to my eyes. We took a closer look at where the pieces of metal where connected and they just seemed to stick to each other with no sign of there being any sort of adhesive or welding. As I was about to leave I turned back around and wiped the bit of liquid from her eye. I was going to leave it all there, but Regie wanted to know how the pieces of metal managed to stay together without any means to do so. He disassembled the statue without any real hesitation and found that it was the little red scrap that stuck to the bottom of the disk that was holding it all together. After much effort, we managed to remove it. We decide to take it with us because we could probably get some food that would last us a while. Before we set out on our way, I reassembled the girl on the ground as best as I could and so she wouldn’t be so lonely, I made another construct, a boy, right beside her. I left them there with the teddy between the two of them. It might have been the way I placed the head, but I could have sworn I saw a smile on the face of the little girl. We left and set up camp soon after. Regie and I got all excited with the idea of not having to worry about food for a while. It was that same night when Regie was taken. I’ve kept the piece of red metal ever sense, to remind me of that day. If it wasn’t for me rebuilding the statue and searching for the pieces of the new one, we might have made it somewhere safer and Regie would still be with me.



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