The Cycle of the Afflicted

better, and better...

this was a great idea go into this mysterious compound, get smacked around a few times by pre-laid traps, the only real benefit of coming here was getting stuff out of the drawers and the med kit. The dogs we came across were a nuisance but nothing really to worry about, but not 30 feet away from that same room was a large Metallic door with these markings that Conner tells me say “TEST 26”, for one that is not something you just write on a door and two, why did I see those same markings on the white sheets all over the place accompanied by blacked out sections? this place just keeps getting better, and better! another thing happened that made me know beyond a reasonable doubt No-Face is here and he wants US dead; we walked into a stairwell and we hear and melody like the one when we first met No-Face, except this time it seemed much weaker, when we came to the entrance to the stairs were covered in a metal sheet and we could hear an odd pain filled growling, I don’t know nor do i ever want to find out what that growling came from but i’ll tell you one thing it sounds dangerous. The group went up the stairs and was attacked again by a bunch of blood covered psychopaths with paper thin, razor sharp blades on their gloves! they pinned us against what ever they could find tried desperately to claw at us, only to run away as fast as they could after we were able to strike back! Of the few that we managed to kill though me and Maric took some of the gloves, they were rather disgusting and bloody but they could protect me. i really hope we find a way out of this place soon other wise we maybe out of luck… as i said before " this day just keeps getting better, and better." -Shane Teiger


i took on 2

better, and better...

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