Have you ever felt like you were being watched from afar?

perhaps you should pay attention to those feelings. You never know who, or what could be watching you in the wastes. There are things out there that stretch the imaginations of your darkest dreams. The horrors however are not just creatures, when civilization has fallen away beyond saving, men are driven to great lengths to survive, and others for pure leisure.
They take the loves of earth past and they desecrate to keep you far from what is theirs, or to just boast their efforts.
Its been a good 300 years since the first affliction, and the english language has faded to a more primitive dialect of the language. Very few people now actually know the old language. After the first hundred years the Original language was not understood, so when the nuclear winter hit, the libraries were raided for kindling, leaving all the records of what happened buried in piles of ash.
SO what happened? well, its up to a wary group of wasters to find that out!

The Cycle of the Afflicted

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